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Metal Line BASIC

Width: 75 cm, Depth: 55 cm, Height: low version: 89 cm / 91 cm x high version: 105 cm / 108 cm

Cart structure is made of steel with baked-on powder coating of grey RAL:7042 shade with antivibration frame around whole circumference of the cart corpus. Basic cart type is always equipped with a top working desktop made of stainless steel AISI304 with 12 mm frame with four rounded safety plastic elements (ABS) located in corners of a cart desktop. The cart can be supplied with different working desktop - stainless steel worktop with sides x plastic worktop with sides.

Basic drawer cart type forms removable (MS) basket made of high resistant plastic (ABS) allowing easy dividing of drawer internal space by the help of single divider. Drawer faces are in whole circumference equipped with a rubber profile that ensures a perfect dust-tight. The drawer is covered by a compact face made of hardened plastic (ABS) with rounded corners and edges. The possibility of color choice of drawer face (color sample you will find in gallery of each product). Drawer's handles including pushing one are made of steel, varnished colour grey RAL:7042 shade built-in plastic clips (ABS). Drawers central locking.

The cart is in bottom part protected by four round elements made of durable shock-resistant (PE) plastic and it is equipped with plastic wheels with protection against hair and thread reeling, d=12,5 cm, two of them with brake.

Series STANDARD is divided: drawers, drawers with documentation, roller shutter + MS modular baskets, box carts.

You can see all accessories for series STANDARD or variations carts.

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