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for healthcare, social services and other areas

Equipment of complete nurses' rooms, doctors' offices, rooms and other types of premises

Complete sets of furniture, carts and other equipment for nurses' stations, consulting rooms, rooms or other premises in healthcare or social care facilities. Individual designs, according to your specifications. Customization of colour, parameters (e.g. load capacity), materials, etc.

New colour elements on medical carts and furniture

In line with modern trends, we have extended the possibility of colour individualisation of medical carts by means of optional colour elements. In addition to the colours of the drawer faces and drawer handle covers, it is now also possible to choose the colour of the protective corners of the top plate of the cart or the folding table, as well as the colour of the bumpers on the BASIC and PROFI carts.

ISO module system - Carts with drawers, roller shutters, shelves or documentation drawers

Overview of the range of basic carts with drawers, roller shutters, shelves or documentation and assemblies of basic carts with accessories.

ISO module system

A highly variable modular system comprising robust metal multifunctional cabinets, carts and racks adapted to allow shared use of modular baskets and facilitate easy storage of a wide variety of medical supplies.

Carts with accessories

Multifunctional carts equipped with accessories, designed for various purposes. Carts for nursing services, anaesthesiology, transport of medicines, transport of dressing material, resuscitation, as well as visiting or plastering carts.

Accessories for multi-functional carts

Accessories for carts allowing to customize the carts for any purpose according to customer requirements. Accessories include bag holders, trays, ampoule openers, infusion bottle holders, waste baskets, ledgers with hooks and more.


Cabinets of various types and designs. Cabinets with full doors, glazed cabinets, all-stainless steel cabinets, mobile cabinets, cabinets for modular baskets, cabinets for shelving and others.


Racks for material storage. Possibility to use modular baskets or shelves. Optional all-stainless steel design. The rack system allows for variable joining of shelves into any units.

Handling and storage

Complete equipment for storage of medical equipment, linen, waste handling and more. Includes handling carts, mobile cages, infectious waste equipment, storage carts, STU/STE container carts, VAKO 80L, 120L carts, waste and linen bags and other products.

Medical furniture

Equipment for rooms in the health care sector. It includes, for example, clothes carts, mobile screens, stainless steel steps, bedside and dining tables or aseptic bowls.

Plate carts

Carts with fixed or removable plates. Choice of variants with or without drawers. Additional accessories such as document organizers, container holders or folding tables can be used. Includes variants for transporting tea containers.

Special medical carts

A selection of special carts for the healthcare sector, designed for a variety of purposes. Includes endoscopy and instrument carts, gynaecology carts, infant carts, surgery carts, gas cylinder carts, instrument carts for pathology or mortuary trolleys.

Products for operating rooms

Equipment for use in operating rooms, including instrument carts, surgical drape stands, etc.

Carts for other purposes

Carts designed for other purposes, such as personal hygiene or pedicure.


Stainless steel tables for various types of operations. Aseptic rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, workshops. Tables can be equipped with high quality stainless steel sinks and other accessories such as wooden or laminated tops, fences, castors, cable holes, etc.

Products for sterilization

Equipment for sterilization plants. It includes stainless steel products such as trolleys for STE/STJ containers, stainless steel racks, stainless steel cabinets, stainless steel trays or mobile stainless steel cabinets for central sterilization.

Stands, holders and hangers

Equipment for hanging, storage or attaching. Includes hanging walls and racks, wire program, infusion stands and holders, mobile and hanging furniture for shoes, racks for urine bottles and bedpans, X-ray apron racks, cooker racks, mobile stainless steel racks or ledgers with hooks.

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning products. Includes cleaning carts and accessories, mops, floor wipers and pads and other equipment.

Multi-functional carts UNI-TRANS

Carts designed for use with modular baskets. High variability of basket locations and types thanks to freely positionable runners. Optional runners allow the basket to be tilted.

Room-keeping equipment

We offer an upgraded range of room-keeping carts for accommodation facilities, including new accessories such as upgraded bag holders or shelves.

Equipment for high-capacity washers

Equipment for high-capacity washers used in various types of hospital operations, especially in central sterilization. With the possibility of using an electric hand-trailer.

Spare parts

Spare parts for our products. This includes, for example, bag and sack holders, holders for cleaning carts, mop holders, cart baskets, handles and accessories, spare castors and wheels, plastic bumpers, supports, plastic covers, warning cones, buckets and tubs or wringers and accessories.

Cabinets, racks and carts with module system

A highly variable modular system comprising robust metal multifunctional cabinets, carts and racks adapted to allow shared use of modular baskets and facilitate easy storage of a wide variety of medical supplies.

Atypical production

Customized products designed according to customer's requirements. Products can be customized in terms of design, dimensions or material types.

Rack system with module baskets or shelves

Rack system with optional use of modular baskets for easy arrangement of stored material.

News from our product portfolio

Today, our products facilitate and improve the quality of work in many places in the Czech Republic and abroad.

1994 year of establishment of the company

Over the past few years, we have managed to assemble a well-coordinated team of professionals from various fields and build our own, technically advanced site in Velké Chvalovice, where we have concentrated all production.


Our customers in the healthcare sector appreciate particularly the reliability, sophistication and adaptability of our products to their special needs. In development, we cooperate directly with people from the healthcare industry, thanks to which the carts are created directly on the basis of the real needs of work in the healthcare sector.

More about us
Stability, quality and reliability

We are a stable family company offering proven products of the highest quality. Customers in most healthcare and social facilities throughout the Czech Republic, but also abroad, could verify the long-term reliability of our products.

Tailor-made implementation according to the customer's wishes

Our corporate culture is based on an individual approach to each customer in an effort to meet their needs and requirements as much as possible. It is clear from the wide portfolio of custom-designed products that we devote ourselves to every request of our customers with maximum effort.

Warranty and post-warranty service

Our products are often used in very demanding conditions and are therefore designed to guarantee their high resistance and long service life. If it still happens that our product requires service or modification, we react very quickly and try to eliminate the problem as quickly as possible so that nothing prevents the continued use of our product and the impact on the customer's operation is minimized.

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