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Klaro spol. s. r. o. (Ltd.) is a leading Czech manufacturer
of healthcare and handling carts, including a complete range
and accessories for them.


We are pleased to be able to introduce you to a completely Czech company, which has been operating on the market
since 1990. We are proof of Czech ingenuity and industriousness. We ensure the development of products and their
manufacture. In just a few years, Klaro spol. s r. o. (Ltd.) has become one of the most important suppliers of handling
carts on the Czech market. We have attained this success thanks to a coordinated team of professionals with various
types of expertise as well as excellent facilities in terms of space and technological equipment. We pride ourselves on
having our own mechanical engineers, developers, diligent and skilled workers and graphic designers as well as
top-quality technologies in our manufacturing halls. This enables us to produce work of genuinely high quality
and to provide you with modern, mobile, high-quality products.

About our products

Our customers from the healthcare sector appreciate our carts, primarily because of their reliability, sophistication and
ability to adapt to their special requirements. During the development process, we work directly with people from
healthcare operations. Thanks to this, carts are created directly on the basis of the real working requirements of
healthcare services. It happens that in cooperation with the customer we produce atypical types of carts and handling
technologies that are directly “made to measure.” Carts can be created according to your needs because of the fact
that individual parts can be combined to assemble a basic cart that meets our customer’s requirements. We cannot
imagine a healthcare operation running without perfect cleaning. Consequently, our textile products are an
indispensable addition to our production. These are created on the basis of our own patent for cleaning mops. Its
practical efficiency is appreciated in many places, not just healthcare facilities. As an added value, you will undoubtedly
also appreciate the elegance and design-oriented features of our products.


In recent years, our products have been appreciated in many EU countries as well as countries outside the EU region.

Here you can find the map of our foreign partners-resellers.

Customer service

• Part of our service for you includes expert advice in putting together atypical tables and tables
made to measure.
• We can help design the optimum solution for a given job-order.
• Do you need more information on our range? Have you any special wishes or questions? Our workers
are always at your disposal.
• We can arrange transport on an individual basis.
• We provide a warranty and post-warranty service.

Our workers shall willingly and expertly advise you in the selection, planning and ordering of merchandise.
Contact us anytime by e-mail, fax or telephone.

........ we are here for you