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Everything went well and I dare to quote the station nurse:

"These carts are perfect. Firstly they seemed massive, but they are very easy to handle, spacious and so pretty clear. They don't creak, we do not disturb children during night when we are opening drawers, so only praise! But we went for sure, we knew that your carts are good. And the plastic colored spoons we received as an extra fit are perfect! They are in good size and kids are exited to choose the colors and eat with them little better."

I am very happy for myself that sisters are happy too. So thank you very much for these excellent carts, gift and great cooperation - we look forward to more!

ICSS ODLOCHOVICE, Mgr. Jana Petranová
I am sending you a few photos of the cabinets, which we took from you, it is already in place and is fully used. Our nurses are extremely satisfied. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

University Hospital Brno - gynecological and obstetric clinic, Pavla Opálková
Some of the mothers who gave birth in our hospital are happy to repay us and they want to thank us for doctor's well-done work in the form of a gift. Company KLARO joined this beautiful intent of one mother and provided her two quality carts for one price, which she donated to us.

Regional Hospital Příbram, Michaela Lomská
I would like to thank you for the perfect cooperation, willingness and helpfulness, communication is perfect and I can say that sometimes our hospital has gibberish terms and our mutual communication has greatly improved thanks to you. I wish you a lot of success and even more of such enthusiastic workers.

Orlová Hospital, Vlastna Kněžíková
Nice day. We want to thank you very much for replacing the drawer. We now have the option of standing boxes with medicines in height position and more space for more boxes. They don't tear and we see the names of drugs. Once again, thank you for the whole team, sisters praise it. You're amazing.

University Hospital Brno - ICU Obilní Trh, Lenka Kosmáčková
Nice day. Thank you very much for your helpful and very kind behavior. Also, thank you for a generous discount, now I can afford to buy an examination chair to children, thanks!

Hospital with polyclinic Karviná-Ráj - Orlová, David Kulla
Nice day. First of all, thank you very much for the great cooperation. There was always a good deal with you and everything went smoothly, I appreciate it.

Krajská zdravotní, a. s., - Hospital Teplice, Věra Sinčáková
On behalf of myself and my colleagues, I would like to thank you for your amazing carts. The whole cooperation with you was very pleasant from the beginning to the delivery and we really did not expect an extra gift. You are very nice, thank you for the "Christmas" in June, and if we need another cart, we will definitely contact you again.

Vividus East, s r. o., Mgr. Kristýna Janáková
First of all, I want to thank you, we are extremly satisfied with all the carts and at the same time I am asking for the delivery of another cart for medicines - in a completely identical configuration, in a narrower design - the operation showed us that we need two carts at full capacity of the department.