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5.1.  Deliveries of the subject matter will be made in the shortest possible time according to the availability of the products and the supplier's operational possibilities - the delivery time is always presented for the ordered product. The place of collection is determined based on the buyer's order. Delivery of the item is deemed to be the delivery to the address specified in the buyer's order. The installation of the item is not part of the delivery. The delivery to the buyer's address is provided by the supplier. The consignment of goods includes a delivery note, a product manual in the Czech language and a warranty card (if the manufacturer attaches it to the product). If the supplier does not attach a warranty card to the product, then the tax invoice - invoice is sufficient. We will then send you a tax invoice (invoice) to the e-mail address given in your order (so we recommend to you to state the e-mail) or in the envelope by mail to the delivery address of the buyer.
5.2.  Transport of goods is ensured by the supplier to the address mentioned within the whole of the Czech Republic. The cost of transporting goods varies according to the mode of transport chosen and the real weight of the product, the goods. The cost of all transportation in Prague is at least CZK 300, excluding VAT.
5.3.  When taking delivery of goods from the carrier, we recommend that you thoroughly inspect the goods immediately upon receipt. If the packaging is damaged or if there are other indications that the goods themselves may be damaged. We recommend that you do not collect the consignment or write a report of damage to the shipment with the carrier. If the buyer fails to discharge the defect without undue delay, the supplier may demand compensation for any damages incurred by him in connection with such a delay. A written record of damage will make it easier to resolve any claim.
5.4.  By signing the transport note to the carrier, the customer agrees to take delivery of the goods and confirms that the shipment is not mechanically damaged. That's why, before signing it, you should check carefully the packaging of the products, the goods packed in the plastic foil as well as the goods themselves.