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Metal Line Profi

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Metal Line PROFI series includes the carts with the highest quality and processing by using top quality materials such as stainless steel AISI304 construction. It is suitable for use in demanding facilities where a sterile enviroment is required or a high mechanical, thermal or chemical resistance, strength, etc.

Metal Line PROFI series allows thanks to huge diverse optional and accessories to build carts variants for various purposes and facilities such as carts: Pharmaceutical, Dressing, Visiting carts for doctors, Resuscitation, Anestheziology, Medical Treatment carts, etc.

The carts are divided into two height options (low and high version) except the group PICCOLO which is only in low version.

Metal Line PROFI series offers the most basic kinds of carts types, divided into groups according to the space division:

series STANDARD - drawers, documentation, drawers in combination with roller shutter and modular baskets, box carts
series MAXI
series MINI
series COMBI
series PICCOLO

You can select the right series of carts that suits you best:


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